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How Retail Pharmacies Can Leverage Technology to Meet the Goals of the Triple Aim


The Next Nexus

As the healthcare system struggles to meet the cost and quality goals of the Triple Aim, the retail pharmacy is uniquely positioned to be an increasingly vital partner in this quest. Pharmacies have the opportunity to be the healthcare nexus for patients, in a healthcare ecosystem that can feel impersonal and fragmented. Retail pharmacies have the power to improve care coordination, reduce hospital readmissions, and improve transitions of care.

But pharmacies must find a cost-effective means of contending with both increasing patient volume and a broadening array of service offerings. Leveraging new communications technologies can ease routine administrative tasks for pharmacists, help identify the patients at greatest risk for non-adherence, simplify reporting, and leverage analytics to improve care. By offloading rote tasks, pharmacists will have more capacity to connect with patients in meaningful ways.


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